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I should probably include some comments and feedback discussions from the YouTube video here for reference:

  • Comment:
    It feel less like a simulation, more like a game.
    Now imagine 3-4 more cars at the same time, each controlled by a player and bumping each other to reach the goal, pick power ups, or something. Sounds like fun! :D Any idea what the greater game will be? Super Off Road-like? Mad Max/Death race-like? Mario Kart-like? Totally different?
    • Imphenzia: 
      Hi, excellent - thanks for the feedback! Yes, it is more of a game at a higher speed - I'm not sure about the strain it puts on the multiplayer implementation since things have to be updated more frequently across the network and physics with collisions over network will be a challenge to say the least - still, I think it's worth pursuing it!
      About the greater game: At the moment I'm thinking up to 8 players that race 5-minute races on various circuits. A budget will allow the player to upgrade parts of the car to three different levels, e.g. Tires (grip), Rear Wing (rear grip), Engine Tuning (slight performance boost), Turbo or Supercharger (bigger performance boost) but also items such as weight reduction and the durability of the car (e.g. increase the chassis to make it less likely that you lose parts during heavy landings / collisions etc.). I also want to throw in the aspect that you can improve the pit crew performance so they can run instead of walk, change tires faster, and things like that. I have already animated the pit crew for the tasks of wheel replacement and attaching new body panels =) More on that in a future devlog update. I am also considering a "dirty" race mode where you can add unconventional upgrades inspired by the old Super Cars 2 game on the Amiga. This would need to be a stretch goal, but it would be easy to add ability of a "fixer-guy" as a passenger with a weapon that can try to take out nearby opponents, mines, oil slicks, and stuff of that nature. The interest and fun vs. keeping it clean and strictly racing is something I have to investigate.
    • Comment:
      Do not increase the speed of the entire simulation.
      Instead, increase the speed of the car and the pull of gravity by the same factor. That is, if the car moved at 100 m/s before, make it move at 150 m/s now. If gravity acceleration was 9.8 m/s2, make it be 14.7 m/s2. Also the car maneuverability. In general, multiply all numbers times 1.5. This should be just a number defined once, then you can have the same game tick simulation rate, and the same network refresh rate. Tire drag also, and the car's acceleration and deceleration ratings.
    • Imphenzia: 
      I tried to increase it by multiplying parameters but problem comes to grip and slip calculations and even if I tried to increase the grip by an equivalent (or even an excessive amount). I will keep investigating.
  • Comment: 
    1. Seems like more fun because more things going on in same period of time relatively normal speed settings.
    2. Better if you consider multiplayer because it's a racing conditions so high speed is expected.
    3. About what worse. Look how easy you overcome obstacles, what is their point than? What's the point to stay on pavement if you can just brutaly move over anything. My suggestion is to make 115-120% out of speed. Also consider to encourage driver to stay on pavement but make them use drifting technique on turns by making controlling left/right not so responsive on higher speed. So they will have to choose either they reducing speed on turning and loosing their valuable seconds or they try to drift on high speed.
    • Imphenzia:
      Thanks, excellent feedback!
      1. I would have to agree. 2. I have to agree here too with reservation of multiplayer network traffic challenge as mentioned in my comment to David. 3. I will implement mechanics to prevent you from taking shortcuts or over-jumping jumps forcing you to break etc. Fences, walls will be put in place and it will also be more slippery and grass and less traction on sand. You will lose body panels if you over-jump the jumps which will cost you time and $ in the pits. There will also be checkpoints that you have to clear to ensure a complete lap. Finally, some jumps will have a bridge crossing the landing so if you jump past the landing you will smack into a wall mid-air =) So stuff like that should prevent cheating and shortcuts. At the same time I will add nifty shortcuts that require some skills, e.g. a narrow bridge that is easy to fall off or a train track shortcut where you risk meeting an oncoming train. That's the idea at least!