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Absolutely blown away by how good this feels to play! Can't get enough. The controls are heavy but satisfying, giving a great sense of speed and also highlight the differences between the planes. Visuals are top notch as well, weather effects look gorgeous and its so much fun dogfighting in and out of the clouds. Plane models look nice but I mostly play in cockpit view (also nicely modelled). The AI is also surprisingly good, I was getting into rolling scissors with some of them, on the normal difficulty it's actually a decent challenge to shoot them down, and the fights feel drawn out in a good way. The sound I really like as well, but my one suggestion in this department is to have some sort of rattling noise when you fly through the debris cloud of a shot down enemy, like you're hitting tiny bits of plane. Can't wait to see where this goes!

differences? they fly and turn exactly the same, only difference being the flanker having a higher top speed.

Really? They felt different to me! Placebo is a powerful thing I guess.