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Got a question as a father of young kids - is this a game with a lot of swearing and I won't be able to have around my 6 and 8 year old? I don't need some hot-shot wingman dropping the f-bomb around them. And no swearing would be a great deal to me so I could let me kids enjoy this game.

No swearing that I could hear, nothing worse than a damn anyway. Ace Combat was always fairly clean, and this seems to stick to that.

umm not true. One enemy yells oh SHIIITTTT as hes being blown up in 0.4.0b mission 3. but its not noticable and no text on screen to indicate it. Honestly sir you got nothing to worry about you can change the voices to 0 volume so you cant hear anyone talk if you think something may slip. This is a war game though. People routinely curse in war. Not meaning to down play but if someone gets shot down in a multimillion tax payer dollar state of the art fighter jet. Their last words better be FUCKING MUTHERFUCKER! lol

Oh yeah I forgot about that! I thought they yelled it as they jumped out of a plane but I might be wrong. Doesn't it also cut off so it's more of a oh shhhhiii?

No F-bombs as far as I've found.  And as others have mentioned you can disable the voices.  Not that it's any of my business, but I think it's great that you're encouraging your kids to use polite language.

Thanks for all of the replies. I'm downloading it right now and I will play through it with the voices sound off when my kids are watching my play. They are excited for it based on the trailer.