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Personaly I find your game a more complete Baldi's Basics!
The personality and the atmosphere of the game is certainly eerie and dark. You suspect that something is off, since the game is following the Baldi's Basics style. But when the girl with the headset puts you into the tomato soup pot to cook(presumably it is that, could definitely be blood :P ) you realize things are much more serious and dark than a teacher with a nasty looking axe.
Visually the game has a weird aesthetic that I really like. I find the mixed elements (sci-fi doors, house decoration, cute pictures etc) pretty interesting. They add a lot to the atmosphere.
Gameplay wise, while it is more linear than Baldi's basics, it remains challenging! This was something I wanted to see in a game like that. Good call on making it like that in my opinion.
They voices are super creepy and the starting music is majestic. Honestly I stopped and listened to it for a while. xD
I couldn't finish the game though. Some doors didn't open sometimes. Is it a bug or it is intended to be like that? Also after the 8-9th notebook things got really vague. I kinda got lost.
Overall I really enjoyed the game!! I hope we will see some updates, because this has a lot of potential!
Good luck with this and any other projects!