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You can change game screen resolution before you press play, hope that helps.

ok. Thank you I'll try that one. I was using the reconvened one it puts you on at the start up of it. Do you know which one I need to use? Sorry I'm not to acknowledge a bowl about which screen resolution I need to use

we tried to change the screen  resolution at the beginning of the main screen and it still shows everything to dark. I don't know what's making it be so dark on my end. On the graphics it plays super smooth. Just sadly I can't see anything sept what's in the car and different shades of black. 

I honestly don't know what causes that problem, you can try download it again and see will it work then.

I have from this site but for some reason it doesn't show up right on my laptop but works just fine on my GFs.

yeah mine's too, i cannot see anything

I am glad it not just me. I tried all kinds of things trying to fix it.