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(1 edit) (+4)(-4) is so depressing... every comment section i go into, there's always small youtubers eagerly trying to advertise their youtube channels and every community i go into it's full of people 12 year olds trying to advertise their game. the only parts of are the ones that belong to the giants of


oh yeah good game though

i used to think the same, but it's genuinely nice to have a bunch of different gameplay vids to check out on the fly. also found one of my favorite youtubers this way once upon a time!! <3


i was kinda just fed up with every comment section, so when i look back at this now, i look like a jerk.

i guess it's just some peoples' hustle. at least they're trying.

oh yeah, it's still a good game though. :p

i think the same, the other cases are either people posting their 2D game jam unity games or youtubers asking for games to play. you know? it's the same with every social media, internet is like this in general but it's clearly more visible on, on youtube for example, every single indie let's play youtube channel is just the popular of the week 3 random games, it's all the same. but most of the website is just funny (i don't blame them at all) children who ask how to download, how to use keyboard, or how to play a windows game on android, the friday night funkin' "community" is people trying to fight each other using images, and make some form of a social media in it?

i apologize for being so nihilistic and i have nothing to suggest and no one to blame, just this comment caught my attention.

lol yeah i agree. i actually wrote this a while ago when i was caught off guard by it. i was caught off guard by it because it was something i'd seen so regularly, but then it hit me harder than that scene in the matrix where the bald dude betrays the crew and starts killing everyone. what i hadn't realized, is that it's basically the same everywhere. but yeah. it's just people trying to get by.