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Just wanted to quickly say great work on this latest demo version! The new mission is nicely put together, well paced, and the voice acting and dialogue in it fit well. The Viggen is a great addition too. The model for it looks really nice, and it's a blast to fly.

Compliments on the soundtrack for the new mission too. It has a very distinct feeling to it compared to the other two missions, whose tracks were definitely good but didn't stand out from each other as well. The new track, plus the desert biome help give this mission its own character which I think is quite important.

Only bug I ran into while playing was the one I mentioned in my previous comment where the camera sometimes doesn't reset properly after tracking a target and ends up pointing at an odd angle from the plane (one time almost 90 degrees straight up). Other than that, gameplay was very smooth and solid for me.

Very excited to see where this game goes from here. Keep it up!