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Like others have said good potential. It has an atmosphere to it the game worked properly and the voice acting was good. One issue is I didn't feel much tension while going through the environments after awhile I had no way to lose so I had no reason to feel scared.  I would add a timer in the room with the puzzle in which you could fail or do something to build tension. I felt like I was in no rush. It has more going for it than the average hacked together indie horror. I found myself curious as to what would happen next and wasn't able to see the plot a mile away.  

The bathroom area was kind of frustrating for me. I knew I had to find something but spamming the mouse button on the toilets didn't give me any sort of direction as to whether I was on the right track.  I had to click too many times to find what it was I needed. 

In the morgue the puzzle was slightly confusing and I had to use an educated guess to find out what the last item count was supposed to be. The first to where easy enough but It wasn't clear what I was supposed to be looking for on the last one. 

I was expecting to get jumpscared at least once but It didn't happen. 

But as a whole I did like it. I know how much time and effort games take. So I respect the effort and look forward to see what you create.

This is a great feedback. Definitely helpful! Thank you so much.