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I feel like crying. Just. Let me sit on the floor, curl up into a ball, and cry. I just can't wait for 2018 to come. This game is 100% pure amazement to me.

Though I've only played this and Magical Otoge Ciel, this game is probably the best.

(Totally not copying Ashylan with this list)

(Spoilers? Yeah, definitely)

  • I got the Magical Otoge Ciel reference (You said there were two, I didn't catch the other) where the bride ran off with the "redhead".
  • After the chat with Lanneis about guys, I partly expect somewhere in the future that Lanneis is going to just say "I can't control myself" and get slam dunked.
  • i mean like, I think Henri should have a route, but like, in other people's routes he would be hilarious because he isn't going to be with Iris.
  • Wait, so Lanneis' glasses are a part of him? So taking it off and forgetting to put them back on would result in him just becoming a stick?
  • I. LOVE. Nia. How she just teases the crap out of Lanneis and Iris is just so oblivious. And Lanneis reminds me of Florien when he coughs.
  • Please tell me it's not going to suddenly be drop-dead sad after the first chapter. I love your jokes and puns.

Now, about that cliff hanger. I dunno, it kind of gave sad vibes. Especially with that music, and how the, uh, narrator was taking about how everything would change depending on your choice. Well, it wasn't much of a choice, it was either save Wynrou or get a game over. And how the picture of Wynrou and Iris suddenly appeared. It kind of looked like it was an image of Iris when she was younger, which confused me because it said that no one but Rieffe (or Val) was there during her childhood. I couldn't help but feel sad for Wynrou, like, he wishes to die so badly, but he still wants to protect Iris. And DON'T YOU DARE PLAY THAT OPTIMISTIC MUSIC RIGHT AFTER THAT SAD, SAD CLIFFHANGER. YOU BETTER BE SORRY, *cries*, *curls into a ball* *sit in corner* *thinks about life choices*.

Anyways. Here's a list of the characters from favorite to least favorite.

  1. Lanneis (No surprise here)
  2. Wynrou ( Q.Q )
  3. Henri
  4. Nia
  5. Iris (But she's a good protagonist ;) )
  6. Augustia (Even though she cut off Iris' arm)
  7. Val
  8. Reqieu
  9. Septem (Didn't get much screentime, so sorry, pal)

Lanneis, no doubt, is getting a route. But the 2 people who I definitely think should get a route is Wynrou and Henri. Maybe Sad Dad? Idk, I think it's be weird because he was her teacher.

(P.s., Sorry for the long post)

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I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far so much! As for the picture of Wynrou and a younger Iris, if you replay the entire demo with that scene and Wynrou's motives towards Iris in mind, I think you'll be able to piece together a part of their past and what I was hinting at :-)

And don't worry, there will be a ton of more lighthearted and funny moments in the rest of the game!

Haha don't worry, I don't mind if you copy my idea, I honestly think that more people should do it. Btw I love Lanny and Henri too, Lanny definitely should get a rout and I am begging Baten to give a real rout to Henri too! It would be perfect because when you're on their routs they would always be at each others throats.

P.S. I'm also waiting for Lanny to get "Slam dunked" lol