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This game is pretty good in overall gameplay and graphic, the scenery is good at high altitude but in low altitude need a lil bit of work tho (is a high altitude fight tho, so who cares), the cockpit palceholder need a bit of improvement in the instrument sector, etc, but the HUD is pretty sick XD..

The control is pretty clunky for keyboard+mouse but at some time its pretty fine. And just spotted some sound laggy issues in a game after a short gameplay, the sound fx is still playing even i pausing the game or alt+tab it.

and I dont know if this a performance issue or what but why my FPS is locked at 27-30fps only, even when in another game i could play it in butter smooth..

owh owh, and the weather (raindrop effect) on cockpit glass is frikin sexy ..

Overall : 8/10 

Keep the Good Job Dev.!!