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Hello it would be great to update package with last version on Love 2D (11.1). My game doesn't work because of the  new system of colors :(

Hi, I'm waiting for the update to 11.1 too, and I hope that it would be released some day. Meanwhile tho, if the updated color system is your only problem, you can translate the values (0-1) to (0-255) by multiplying the current (0-1) values by 255.


You can modify program to use both color mode options  lovever=10 is old love,  =11 is new love.


major, minor, revision, codename = love.getVersion();
 lovever_full = string.format("Version %d.%d.%d - %s", major, minor, revision, codename)

function randomcolorbw ()

  colorshift=math.random(255);   if (lovever>10) then colorshift=math.random(0,1);  end; -- Love 11 version
 lg.setColor(colorshift,colorshift ,colorshift, 255);