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Great game, the only suggestions I could give would be to make some of the areas a bit more open in the future (later on it can get hard to dodge all the bullets because it's confined) and possibly make ammo go back to where it was when you respawn. I found these two things to be a bit annoying, but I really loved the game and hope to see more!

Edit: by 'ammo going back to where it was' I mean resetting ammo count to where it was when you were where you respawn at.

About the ammo, yes, it was a bug hehehe
It's fixed along the new checkpoint feature (to be released)

Thanks for the feedback :D

Hi, i would like to know that is the checkpoint updated yet. Cause I have been playing and when i reopened the game the checkpoint wasn't working. I have to restart again. Please fix the problem in new update patches. Thx for providing such fun experience for me

There is no save feature yet, it'll come in the future :)

For now the checkpoint only work on the same run

Thanks noelmaple7! :D