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The Art style of this game is spectacular  and i instantly fell in love with it, The music is amazing as well right from the start, and i love the messages this game is trying to get through to you. However, this game is clearly based around a  story, a story that is ment to make you question this world and all the lies in it, as well as feel the sadness and loneliness the characters experiences, and the game failed to do that to me. This was the core mechanic of the game, however i believe it was executed poorly.



What you put in the comment is your opinion, also the game is meant to help you understand what it's like dealing with lose  and suicidal thoughts if you don't feel anything that was in the game you may not have connected with the game and the story. This is coming from someone who has lost loved ones and has been through this and I'm not say that you haven't lost anyone everyone has lost someone once in their lifetime, but I made this comment because of the way you went about rating the game I would have left it alone if you had not rated it so poorly for a different reason not to mention the fact that you said it was executed poorly, also don't judge a game or game creater. If you can do better then Angela then by all means try but the game is meant to effect the general public not just you.