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Just keeps getting better and better. 
Things I love: The new explosion sounds. The explosions sounds now make the game feel more visceral. The only thing that could make them better is if you added sounds of metal on metal when you fly though an explosion. We always fly through explosions in flight combat sims but real life fighter pilots know that potential lethal for their planes I think you should implement it. 
Thing I loved the most: The perfection you made of the aircraft reticle. It now tracks properly and is very realistic. And now actually shows you where the aircraft is projected to fly so if you crash into a mountain or graze the ground its your own fault. Love it, I feel like its made my fly with much more confidence.
Another thing I noticed was that you added a low altitude warning that is actually helpful. Too often is there this tiny little message on screen and a tiny little proximity indicator. The one you use is great. It actually warns me when Im about to kill myself.
More things I like, the 3 mission updates. I love them you, see the targets on the ground and you cant hit them until you knock out these defenses first. Thats great! It has a good flow to it that seems familiar and new at the same time. I think you should make Hard mode HARDER. Mercenary needs to have SAM sites ripple fire. Since in real life they can fire 6 missiles rapidly. AA sites need to never stop shooting at you. Let the tracers rounds scare the crap out of you.  And hell why not make low altitude flying come with greater risks ? Making the AA guns actually dangerous would be a good update. Oh another great thing. The 3rd wingman. We need to hear more of her, some of the banter back and forth was actually funny.

The things I dont like: The AI is good at evading but terrible at engaging. We need to see the AI try some gun kills. 
More on the AI: mother ships seems to spiral to their deaths but dont die after you take out a wing. Since its technically only the AA guns that get damaged the should remain flyable until we take out an engine or a whole wing. If your intention is to take out a wing dont add that too the bosses please. We should need to hit every vital spot on those monsters to make them drop out the sky.
Last thing the models for the tanks seem to either keep driving on after they have been blown up. Either that or they have been launched into the air for miles hugging the ground either way seems a bit buggy.

honest rating for a fully developed game id say your at a solid 6 right now.For an alpha your at 9/10 best alpha Ive played. please keep it up.