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Comments on YouTube about this game that I HOPE you'll consider, you did an unbelievably polished and beautiful job on this, I think you'd be the best one for what we have in mind. =)

Comments in order:

The guy who made this game really made an awesome job.
Now we need the iconic Dennis Nedry scene as a game!

Yes. We need a Dilophosaurus to stalk you in a forest, and just as you get to the jeep (and not until then) it spits venom at you. If you turn around at the right time you can get in and drive. If not ... R.I.P You.

I third this wholeheartedly! Also the sick Triceratops scene.

I fourth this motion! Although, rather than the being spit on by nearing the jeep, have 5 minutes from start to attack of dino-curiosity and stalking as it sizes you up and you rapidly solve wenching-related puzzles as fast as you can, then the attack comes and you gotta run back to the wenched jeep if you were fast enough, or run and hide and sneakily resume wenching if you were slow. ///// Someone get the maker of this game to notice Allbuch's idea and these comments! lol

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Also, if you can find the hidden stick and throw it over the curious dilo's head, it'll give you a bonus minute of puzzle solving time. ;)


Ok, wow thank you! So I guess the next one is Dilo and Nedry scene, yay! I already can tell it'll look great, I need to make a Dilophosaur model.

Also I've made a very good Spinosaur model, which I plan to use for boat attack scene.

i really need to see a VR port somehow. This stuff would be a fantastic VR experience. Plus my brother won't try it till it is. Please make my dreams come true