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Your project has a lot of potential!!
The paper cutout/comic art style is so pretty and well implemented. The fact that you managed to blend the it with the realistic lighting of Unreal engine 4 is impressive. The result is unique and pleasing to the eyes. Not many games lately have such a unique art style. So kudos for that!
Audio wise the game is pretty good. The simple ambience and the motorcycle sounds make the scenes more believable, while the background music makes the game atmospheric, when it needs to be. The overall audio mix is balanced, so every sound is easily audible and not covered by others.
Gameplay wise you surprised me. I expected something closer to a visual novel, but you actually put parts where we can control the player. I feel this aproach can provide a lot in a bigger more complete project. Not to mention that it can enhance the storytelling.
Talking of storytelling, the plot of the game is interesting. It has a nice flow and a really not expected ending in my opinion. This demo is short, as it is more of a concept of work, but it is really well-made and it shows.
Hopefully we will see a full game with the same principles as this demo.
I wish you the best of luck!!

Hi Neurobew!

Gosh! Thanks for every lil bits of your comment & feedback! We are truly appreciate! every single of them! Above all, thanks for the Let's Play vid!

Please do stay in touch & follow us via Facebook & twitter for more of these! n_n

Cheers & Have a nice day! :D

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No problem! As I said before your game is great, so it was my pleasure experiencing it.
Sure, I'll follow you on twitter!
Have a nice day you too!!