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Thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback

 We will reassign better pc controls very soon.

We are also very thrilled you enjoyed our character designs It took us a lot of effort to reach the final designs, if yoy are interested we can show the earlier sketches so you can judge for yourself 😃 This is our first full fledged game so thank you for your patience 😃


Oh definitely. The characters are one of the things that make Chloe so unique and appealing. It would be interesting to see how they've evolved, so please do share.

And, honestly, nothing about this game looks, sounds or feels like a first or amateur attempt. Quite the opposite, I find it very polished and well designed, so congratulations on creating this gem!

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Hi SeekerSupreme! Sure I would love to share the whole story with you, so today I've decide to write and draw a mini story book for chloe, it's gonna be about her daily routine in the toy world. like an introduction to the audience, I wanted to note also that I am an architect not a game dev originally and I started around 8 months ago this project, it was full of ups and downs, but the most interesting thing I learnt is designing a  puzzle is a pure architecture work, so it was so relevant to me, and I'm really glad I took that step :)

stay tuned for our next thingies <3