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a couple of gripes from my play of 1.9:

- I'd sometimes get a crash when I returned to my ship from a derelict or distressed ship to my own

- When I had cargo jobs too big to load up in one go, the game would cancel them after my first trip due to "lost cargo", making jobs bigger than my cargo platform impossible. The now undeliverable cargo also remains permanently

- the warning not to actually abandon cargo seems to be impossible to ignore. Unlike the warning not to abandon a surveyor, it seems to just repeat if I keep trying to leave. This removes the only way to deal with the "zombie" cargo produced by the previous bug, which I suspect might eventually fill every space I could put it if I'm not careful.

- For some reason, the distressed ship with the blob monsters you have to squish absolutely tanks my framerate, which is a pity because otherwise it would be a really fun task.

- The game really needs more money sinks. Aside from a handful of cosmetics, the only thing I've paid anything for was a second air cycler after I got the warp drive, and even if I did a complete visual redesign after every job I still couldn't keep up with my profits. Probably not ongoing costs because those would be stressful if they're big enough to do the job and annoying if they're not, but maybe some small upgrades you can just buy with cash, like maybe a shelving unit that you can place two delivery crates on.

- I've got a couple of rumors about things at specific coordinates in specific systems, but how do you find specific coordinates?

- There should be some kind of opportunity cost to prevent taking every single sector sidequest the moment you pop in and getting to them eventually maybe, because it clogs the menu and makes the act of choosing sidequests kinda meaningless. Maybe have an upper limit on how many you can have active at once, and canceling them to make room for different ones costs a fee.

- Not a gripe, but on the subject of how to deal with health my suggestion is that if your health runs out completely you collapse, and wake up again in a medical facility. Either due to medical bills, a rescue fee, or whoever rescued you rifling through your pockets, you lose a hefty but not devastating percentage of your total money (25%, maybe?). Your current job might also be canceled due to the delays.