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When I saw in one of the comments that the cypher is solvable I thought that is amazing. So I spent two hours of my life figuring it out. Worth it. I got Thursday to tell me something which helped a ton. Sadly I've only gotten one ending which is the one where I entered the password into the terminal. And I had to close the game after that to keep playing. Hoping to find more. Though what i'm stuck on is a third lock. I unlocked the button lock and the Thursday  Boredom one(I could say something else, but that would spoil it). I hope I haven't spoiled too much. :D


At the moment I have got The Time Ending, The Terminal Ending, The Existenal Gun Ending, and the door ending. Can't wait to I get the true ending

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You'll really like the third lock if you find it. :)

I'm so glad that you are enjoying it so far, and fantastic work on the cypher! I don't really want to ruin anything, but you're really close to getting one of the more interesting endings as well!

Nah, you haven't spoiled anything, I really appreciate all the time you've put in. Thanks again.