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I found your project really interesting to say the least!
First of all the use of the dynamic lighting and fog effect/particles is setting an intense, mysterious atmosphere. Good job in utilizing the lighting system of Unity engine.
The characters being sprites is definitely a pretty nice and unique touch. While reminding old school games, the sprites actually serve a good purpose of making the ghost figures more believable and eerie, not to mention they were probably faster to make. Messing with transparency and transculency using shaders with 3d models can be really challenging to get a good looking result, especially with deferred rendering.
The music and sound quality is pretty good as well. The fact that the audio is well balanced makes the game enjoyable, since you can hear everything clearly.
However the most impressive thing audio wise is the voice acting. The voices were clear and the acting was spot on, not cheesy or over the top. It is impressive that you pulled this that accurately.
All in all it is a pretty enjoyable experience, even though somewhat short.
I wish you the best and hopefully we will see a finished game in the future!!

That was a detailed feedback! Thank you so much!!

No problem!! Good luck with your project!