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This was absolutely fantastic. I struggled to find any criticisms.


I'm glad you like the game so much!  To answer a few of the questions you had in the video, I am a solo developer and I made this in my free time.  I didn't make the music, it's all public domain. (Music credits are in the hub and in the included readme.)  It took forever to find stuff that fit the tone I was going for.  You are correct that there's no real story.  I didn't really come up with anything that I thought would add to the game rather than detract from it.  You might enjoy my other first person game Lost in the Red Forest which is about navigating a confusing environment while piecing together an implied story.   I was never really satisfied with the way the jump felt, but it seemed to work well enough and eventually you just have to release your game or you just tune it forever. :)