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Hello! Any chance you'll release a Linux/Ubuntu version? Pretty sure there are a few of us who would be excited to play. Reeeeaaal into the soundtrack, btw.


Hey Ben. Unfortunately I do not have the resources to do a Linux port & so there's no plans at this time.

Ah, okay. Thanks!

Although this is kinda late, the game runs perfectly in WINE. If you use my Lutris installer, you can install the game easily and get perfectly smooth sound as well.

Since it's a GameMaker game, I think the method used to get Deltarune running natively on Linux would also work here:

Basically, take a Linux GameMaker game on the same version of the engine and put this game's files into it, replacing everything except the "runner" program.

(This can be done by anyone who owns a copy of ESC - Lena doesn't need to do anything to make this work.)