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Is that error part of the game? Or do you actually not know what's going on?

Hello Frogail! About your question: I have been looking into it for a while now and I have come to realizationQ2FuIHlvdSBoZWFyIG1lPyBJLSBJIGRvbid0IGhhdmUgbXVjaCB0aW1lLiBIZSBjb3VsZCBnZXQgaG9tZSBhbnkgc2Vjb25kIG5vdy4gQW5kIGlmIGhlIHJlYWxpc2VzIHdoYXQgaXMgZ29pbmcgb24uLi4gSSBkb24ndCB3YW50IHRvIHRoaW5rIGFib3V0IGl0Li4uIFBsZWFzZSBnZXQgaW50byBjb250YWN0IQ==

What the fuck does the text mean? Does anyone know how to decode this???

Acording to Base64, It decodes to "Can you hear me? I- I don't have much time. He could get home any second now. And if he realises what is going on... I don't want to think about it... Please get into contact!"