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I've always liked playing these narrative experience type games. The main point in these is the story that the developer is trying to portray. Its not about the crazy gameplay or insane graphics. But an emotional experience that, in my opinion, leaves you feeling a little like your in game character in the end. I got a "Gone Home" vibe while playing this. Even though this game isn't nearly as big, it takes the stance of creating emotional connections with objects and telling the story behind them. Not only was the story quick and well written, but it nice voice acting to take you through the story. This story is all about the friendship that Skye and Olivia, and the voice actresses do a good job at expressing that friendship through their dialogue. All in all a nice little story with a short and well written story and I hope to possibly see more from this developer again. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

Thank you!!! Great video! Yes, Gone Home was a big inspiration for this project! Thanks for your feedback, it really means a lot to me!