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Buff the Gauss.

The idea of having a weapon that can directly remove blocks from a ship is cool, but the Gauss seems a bit under- powered and doesn't always work as intended. Although you did add the mechanic that allows you to remove all the blocks on a ship in a single hit, I find it much easier to just snipe or ram the core when its exposed for a kill. 

To fix these problems, i think the Gauss should function like a gun, and shoot a degaussing projectile that lasts 3- 4 rounds. I also think that when a block is removed, it should be pulled out a block (opposite to the direction of the degaussing projectile) so that the recipient ship doesn't repetitively dock it over and over again while the other ship just spams it with Gauss projectiles. This way the recipient ship will have more freedom of movement when getting hit with a Gauss, and the attacking ship (with the Gauss) will have a better chance of stealing the block. Maybe the one hit kill mechanic could be compromised for these changes, but the Gauss would still be a lot more useful and fun to play with.

Buff the asteroid factory

The asteroid factory is infamous for blocking player movement, and I know it as the worst block in both East bagel ship and in this game. I don't have any good suggestions for this, but the Astro- Fac would work if it either had a way to place the asteroids away from the ship, or if there was a way  for the creator of the asteroids to easily move through them.