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Thanks for making and sharing the video. It is very important for me to see that people enjoy the game. 

Thank you very much for giving me your opinion and in what points of view the game could be better.
I'm going to answer some of the things you've raised:

-In the future I would like to be able to model all the characters, for the moment I do not have enough time to do it but it is the idea.
-The clues are disorganized, it seems that all suspects are mureders but really only one is, you're right and I'm working on it, thank you very much for reporting it.
-I'm glad you liked the foolish tone.
-As for everything else I am working on the final version of the game, it will be available within 2 weeks. I will keep you informed if you want to play the game again and give me your impressions again.

This version will contain an extra level between the office and the mansion.
The first floor of the mansion (+3 extra rooms and one more suspect)
A more fluid gameplay and a more police ending. In which you will be given all the notes that you have taken in your investigation and thus be able to determine your suspicions and solve the mystery.
When you say who has been the murder, you will be told why and why others are not.
Finally all the bugs and better visual effects will be implemented.
Thank you again and thank you very much for making my game better.
We are in contact.
Kind regards. Chisso