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Beam Down Drone is as fast and challenging run and gun game that provides retro like entertainment at a very reasonable price.

Visual: The style is reminiscent of old NES games which works to bring functional art pieces that all fit together into an appealing cohesive mesh of fun and beauty.

Gameplay: I'll leave the running and gunning part of the game alone as its fairly self-explanatory to anyone who has played a game of the genre.

The enemy AI is a bit disappointing as they're rather dumb in their attacks as they will get into an attack animation and be 'stuck' for a second or two which makes a small number of enemies attacking you a trivial matter as you have plenty of time side step the attacks. However, the player shouldn't become too complaisant with this as large packs of enemies can quickly overburden the player and lead to their untimely demise.

Also speaking of AI there is a snappy communications AI that communicates with you as progress through the game providing humor through sarcastic remarks.

Weapons: Ranging from a powerful Rocket Launcher type weapon to a rapid firing SMG the game has a large selection of weapons to find throughout the game. Each of the guns has its own characteristics with varying stats making each one unique. I personally liked the heavy hitting splash damage of the launcher weapon.

Conclusion: Overall I found Beam Down Drone to be a fun and engaging game which brings the player entertainment for an hour or two. It does have some deficiencies but these can easily be overcome with future updates.