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Hey! I just bought this game for windows because I loved the demo. However I have a small problem. The game does not seem to have any option to turn off fullscreen on the desktop version (unlike in the browser version). This makes it a bit difficult to use because I rely on my main monitor for a lot of other stuff and moving all of that is a bit of a hassle. Is this something that could be fixed. Thank you. <3

Also sorry for using the comments as some kind of bug-report forum lol

Hi! This is already implemented in the game, it's just hidden away. Depending on your OS there are different ways to achieve this:

  • On Windows, press ALT + ENTER to toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes
  • On macOS, press CMD + F to toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes
  • On Linux, pass the argument "-show-screen-selector" to the command line in order to show the configuration dialog

Thanks and have a good time!