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Alliance version 7 released!

A quick update with minor fixes an experimental exit and a cliffhanger ending!

-Weapon damage from enemies has been slightly reduced to increase survivability (approx 10% reduction). Some recent changes to enemies has made them fire more often and this is mean to counteract that effect.

- Manual Warp on sector end has been added. This will later allow you to advance warp to later sectors once you have defeated a level ahead of any level.  Ie. If you have completed level 10 you will be able to warp, by choice... to sector 9. Still WIP. Aim at warp to engage

- End boss cut scene and cliff hanger ending has been added to end of sector 4. Get there and post a screen shot for us to prove you have what it takes to go to sector 5!

-Leaderboards were recently reset with re-balanced scoring and should become active with naming as soon as we are on steam. 

Good luck pilots!  An Alliance must be forged and the colonies must be saved!