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First thing first, while I like the new piloting mechanics, making the minigame super rumbly to set yourself up for a vibrator joke when you review your own game later is totally cheating.

As for the bigger change with the delivery missions, I feel like it didn't work for me. On the one hand, I barely noticed that most of the systems were locked down, since I didn't really have any reason to be going anywhere unless there was delivery to do. I suppose this serves as a way to tell players who use survey devices a lot or just have a bunch of extra money and need upgrade units, "No, go do more delivering first!", but for normal gameplay it's kind of an oddity more than a mechanic.

Meanwhile, the lack of time limits made things feel both relaxed and rushed for me at the same time. The moment you finish a delivery, the guy gives you a new mission, and since it will always be on your planet and you don't have to worry about not being able to finish it on time, there's no reason to say no. But in that typical RPG way, the game expects you to just blow off that obligation at some point to experience the other stuff the game has to offer. Maybe the inclusion of story stuff will help with that, but obviously I can't speak to it.

I also feel like it takes some challenge and tension away. It's clear that I would like a tougher version of SV than what you're trying to make, but in this version there's so many decisions and calculations that don't matter now. Do I have enough warp fuel to get to the destination, or a good place to buy/collect it? Who cares? I'll get there when I get there. Should I put off repairs and gun ahead? Of course not, you'll have to do them eventually, so there's no reason to not 100% clean everything now.