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I tried not to read any comments (as not to spoil an ending/the plot); and naturally, I shrugged off the emotional/triggering warnings because let's be honest, Doki Doki had those too and I didn't really feel an emotional impact from it. BUT THIS GAME. Let me tell you about this game! Simply breathtaking. It's a different style of visual novel than what you usually tend to play, as it's very interactive. Art style = beautiful. Story = beautiful. Music = perfect for the tones. I was left in tears. 

In this video, I play "You Left Me." However, I was left feeling like we need to have a talk about how it impacted me and how I related to the story/protagonist. Mental health NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT. Not talking, and avoiding it, only makes things worse. I applaud games like this one, Robin, and many other which are putting you into the mind of a hero struggling with mental health issues. It helps you to understand an individual's struggles. And most importantly, it leaves open a gate afterwards where you can comfortably talk about such a touchy subject.

Remember, no matter how hard life is right now --trust me, I can relate because I had my own struggles too... Things do and WILL get better! There is a light at the end of every tunnel, even if you can't see it now. You're loved.

Enjoy the game. It's beautiful. 10/10.