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Okay, so, I actually got this game a few months back, but finally sat down to play it tonight. Let me just say--it's amazing! I laughed pretty continuously, which is always a good thing! (I relate slightly to Yvin, so...) The characters look fantastic, absolutely incredible, and the plot is cute, too. It may sound odd, but I think my favourite parts were with the story teller. Those scenes were different, almost softer, and I truly loved them. I think if you ever made a game (of any sort) along those lines, it would become my new favourite!

Even if you never do, though, this is definitely one I'll be playing again and again. With pretty music, amazing design, and a cute story to boot (with a sense of humour that actually had be dying of laughter at one point, and I'm literally laughing just thinking about it), it is a game worth it. You did an amazing job and I look forward to playing your other games, and even just replaying this one! Thank you!

I'm glad you liked it! If you this game a few months ago, I hope you have and played the latest updated version with all the new content! I hope you like my other games just as much.