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can you add maps and bots to shoot them please man

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Thank you for your suggestion and yes I am working on it 1.5 should add a new map and about the bots/AI, I will add it maybe in the next update or later.

Just keep in mind this project is a hobby of mine something i do on the side of what i really do like work and other Team game projects, but i will try my best to pump out updates as soon as possible.


P.S I see u have a history of enthusiastic comments :)

New map sneak peak WIP:

first of all I know I have those kind of comments and second THE NEW MAP LOOKS REALLY GOOD could u put that on with the new update plus put a knife and katana for melle.

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Yeah, I will and funny i just added dual wield swords in the game not to mention the sneak peak is outdated now since the map looks a bit different now for example the vegetation is nicer now, and the map with the swords will be in update v1.5.


p.s the update will be up in like maximum of the 6 days.

The dual wield swords sneak peak: :)