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Firstly, GREAT JOB! This felt like a very-polished game for having been made by such a small team! The level design's eye candy works well to keep me enticed, while the sound design compliments the levels and player actions nicely. The levels are also well thought out to introduce the mechanics of using the spell, along with not getting overly aggressive about the player using them. Additionally, I like the idea of only using one spell in different ways, though I would like to see more ways the spell could be used! I hope you continue to expand on this game!

Congratulations on making such a well-made product, especially as beginners!


- I tried using WASD instead of arrow keys, though it ended up being the letters 'Q' and 'D' that went left and right. Was that intentional?

- Occasionally the shield glitched out and wouldn't work for levitating, though that was only on one run-through (so far)

- Some text does not appear for me (such as in the end cut-scenes), but I know it was there because I saw a YouTube video below that had it. Not sure why yet, though...

- I am playing in the windowed mode, and my mouse does not stay within the boundaries of the window, so I kept clicking out to my desktop. I got kinda used to it, but it was still a little obnoxious to deal with.

- I could offer a bit of cleaning up on the English translation, if you'd like! ;P

- I challenge anyone else reading this to beat my (easily beaten) speed-run time of 13 gems in 2min 41sec (see image)

Cheers from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA!

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Thank you very much for your long comment, it's very appreciated.

I'll try to get the team together to see if we could do a little patch with all the feedbacks we now have.

But as you know, it was for a training course that is now finished and everyone returned back home. I'll keep you updated because a little help for the english translation would be appreciated, haha ! 

We had a few more game mechanics too (coded and all) but we decided to cut these out because of time constraint (we had only a few weeks with all the learning aside).

PS: My personal record for the "speed-run" of our game is 01:50 ;)