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Hi there, thanks for making a great game. I was wondering if there is any way to invert controls? For some reason with my controller(mad catz brawlpad) , up=down and down=up. It would'nt be a big deal but I'm building a 4 player arcade machine and would love to feature this game, and the contols are going to be wired to the brawl pad no matter what. I think it may be a unity issue as I tried another unity game (turbo taucher) here on Itch.io and the exact same thing happens. The controller works fine in all other games I have... I tried messing with the axis in the config window but it always maps the same... Thanks.

Thanks! And sorry for the trouble there - I'd assumed Unity's built-in control mapping would be enough, but I didn't realize it was missing an option for inverting an axis. I'm working on a fresh build for an upcoming game party, so I'll build in more robust options UI for that version. In the meantime, I can think of a hacky fix: if we can work out what joystick name the controller reports, I can detect that case and invert its input in code. ;) Do you have the Unity editor installed? If so, I can give you a quick little script to get this info. There may also be third-party programs you can run to remap the gamepad - I use one to get DS4s to read like Xbox 360 gamepads in Unity.

Hey thanks for the response, unfortunately I don't have Unity or a Unity account. But I can tell you in windows the ID is Arcadepad (Mad Catz Brawlpad). I've tried all the remapping tools and none of them seem to work, but anyway no big deal if you can get a more robust menu like you said that would be cool in the next build. If not I think I'm going to make a physical invert switch on each joystick on the arcade machine just in case this issue comes up again, that should make it work anyway... The machines about a month away from being done so there's plenty of time for me to come up with a solution... Thanks!