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This was absolutely fantastic! The balance between the luck-based gameplay in the form of Russian roulette and the strategical resource management part of the RPG was an absolute - sorry for the pun - blast to play! Even though I never made it to the 'Final Challenge' room, I was oddly addicted to your game and spent over three hours with it, and I can totally see myself playing it again soon. Also, big props to the audiovisual presentation: The music was very joyful and the pixel art was just top-notch! I'd love it even more if the hat of the knight would really change when I use a new one, but eh, that are small details. :) It's a bloody great game, not just for a game jam! Congratulations for that and I wish you best of luck with the ratings in the Ludum Dare 41. <3 Happily I wrote a praising article about "Roulette Knight" and also uploaded a little gameplay video of it; I hope that more people will try it out this way. :)

Best wishes,