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Sorry this is going to be long haha. (slight spoilers may be included)

First of all, thank you so much for making this game! I was ecstatic when I noticed that this was out because I played Halloween Otome a year ago (I think?) - I really enjoyed that too btw - and I took a break from otome games cos of school TT_TT I think I was aware of the sequel being in the works, but I only got around to finally hunting otome games down once again a few days ago haha.

Anyways, I really love this gameee how will I ever move on from it ahhhughgbuhinij- no seriously though, it really is wonderfully made. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was about Em's best friend instead of Em again (I dunno why, I guess I didn't really read the game info the first time cos I was excited and just went ahead and downloaded it XD). I love all of the characters and their personalities so much. I also loved how you still showed the characters from Halloween Otome (Tyler is still such a cutie omg). 

The bachelors are all vastly different from each other, their personalities, their background, their hobbies, etc. and I absolutely adore it. This is the kind of game I like because I don't have to spend like half the game skipping through lines that I've already read because each bachelor's route is reeallyy different from each other. Each route presents different characters and problems. I also like how depending on which guy you chose Emma to have ended up with, you get different honeymoon spots! ^^ (Rayner crossdressing tho <3)

Other than the characters, I especially adore the game's music, especially the opening/ending song. I applaud Tyler Thompson for that <3 The background music really changed according to the situation being presented and it suits the mood -I may or may not have teared up every time Mira gets married to one of the bachelors- Seriously, I adored "All Eyes on Me" (assuming that's the title) so much to the point that I wrote down the lyrics by ear because I wanted to sing along to it every time I hear it. 

Every time Mira gets married though, I do tear up a little cos it feels like I'm a mother giving Mira away even though I'm not?? I don't know I guess I'm so touched every time like whenever the transition's done and I see Mira in her wedding getup I just stare at her lil sprite in the lower left corner and just admire her, "omg she looks so beautiful."  Of course, I also admire her more with one of the bachelors right beside her in the CG. Speaking of which, may I just say that the CGs are so good? Like seriously they are so gooood, especially the CGs of the individual bachelors in the prologue because it made me anticipate their routes. The sprites are also beautiful too, they don't look awkward or stiff, they have the right body proportions! Not only that, I like the colors of everything in the game.

I enjoyed that lil scene for Kaiser at the end, is this a sneak peek of what I could look forward to in the future, I wonder?

Throughout the game, I was only disheartened by the fact that I had mistakenly thought that Daire would have two happy endings... he didn't. TT_TT I was really expecting that the last ending listed for Daire was the really, really happy one but I was unfortunately mistaken </3

Anyways omg, this ended up being wayy longer than I expected I'm sorry, but now I've let out all my feelings for the game ^^' Thank you so much for making this game once again, and I'm looking forward to your games in the future! <3