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why i cannot unclock in the monastery located in the government district.

am i missing something. please help me. i am sorry because my bad english

Once you have the 3 cubes and 3 invitation letters, go back to Vasily's house and speak to him.

This will lead you to the start of a new quest chain to get a certain item that you're missing, Hope this helps.

thanks for help me

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after i get clock tower key, what should i do?

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go up the left stairs in the monastery to unlock the door to the clock tower.

Ok,thanks. I already finish the game. 

OMG, thanks for playing. What did you think of the whole game?

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Yesterday, I played an east travel game. when I wanted to walk, it took quite a while.
Anyway, this game is great.
you have talent, imagination.

how do you create the game? it is free

sorry for my bad english

I used RPG maker. Took me 2 years to make.  I had already thought up the story and characters since I was at school.

I'm glad you like the game. Thanks again for playing.