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Burger Maestro is a one-shot rpg about working a burger chain in the weeks leading up to its big annual extravaganza...while at the same time corporate management has just begun a policy of not-so-benign neglect.

The game PDF is two pages, with a layout and graphics that make it a dead ringer for a diner menu. This effect is charming and excellent, and the writing throughout is similar. Everything is informal and every joke lands.

In terms of gameplay, the players take on the roles of beleaguered Burger Maestro staff and try to handle normal burger join chores while at the same time the restaurant is falling apart at the seams. This is all done through narration, and at the end of each week of in-game time the whole group votes on whether they've dealt with things well or poorly. If they vote "poorly", that means the burger shop gains infamy. Gain too much infamy, and corporate shuts the burger place down. 

Of course, if they *lose* too much infamy, the customers grow disinterested by a shop that's become so clearly bland and sterile.

This gameplay loop does an *excellent* job of incentivizing chaos, but it also incentivizes the PCs to try and keep that chaos at a controlled level. It's a great little engine, and it basically guarantees that every game of Burger Maestro will be memorable.

So overall, if you're looking for something fun and chaotic and easy to get into, and if the idea of a low-stakes food service rpg piques your curiosity, I'd strongly recommend giving Burger Maestro a shot. I think it might be one of my new go-to short games.


thank you so much for the thoughtful and detailed comment! i'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed the game.


Thank you for designing it! It's a super cool game!