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Big Gay Roadtrip is a one-shot roleplaying game about going on a roadtrip.

The PDF is 6 pages with a clean, easy to read layout.

You play by deciding on a cast of characters and then talking about what happens along the way. There aren't any mandatory details, so your road-trip could be set in this world and involve a few college friends---or it could be four guys pushing a car across Eos.

The game's structure is simple, and it doesn't use dice (although they could be introduced for groups who feel more comfortable with them.) There is emotional weight to Big Gay Roadtrip, though, and it does a really good job highlighting the transformative nature of long journeys---even when that length is only eight hours by car. 

Overall, Big Gay Roadtrip feels like it could be a cool, short standalone, or it could be a good warmup exercise, or it could drop pretty easily into a bigger system's campaign. It's got the potential to bring out some really powerful drama and emotions, and the mechanics do a good job of encouraging the players to shape the world and shape the characters within it. It's also super versatile, and I'd recommend picking it up.