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Hey, wanna say that though this boss beat the hell out of me for the first few minutes of playing (and still stuck on Hard Mode), it felt like a really good boss to fight against, and definitely memorable. 

As a dev/spriter of a video game mod that focuses on making difficult but fun bosses, I found myself falling in love with this game. I showed this to some other familiars and they also found it pretty neat, and of course they got to Hard Mode and got their arse beaten. They all enjoyed it though, and I'm hoping this gets more attention. 

Made a little sketch as appreciation for your work! Thank you so much!

AwwwwWWW I love it! Where can I find your mod? I'd love to play!

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The mod's for a game called Terraria, and runs on a special modding platform called TModLoader. It's called the Calamity Mod, which is still a WIP.  Thanks for the neat game! 

EDIT: Made it to 4th phase of Hard Mode through sheer error and luck! Yay, a new phase to fail on!

Ahhh look at all those bosses! I like Bumblebirb especially.. I loved the time I spent with Terraria so it's really cool to see that folx are still modding, improving, and adding to the game!

Lovely to hear from another boss designer :)