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Version 3 of Alliance is now Live! 

- Reticule Added to hands and weapon aiming tweaked to allow easier target acquisition! Light em up!

- Tutorial Readability Improved

- Asteroids no longer spawn as an enemy wave object, they are always spawned from the obstacle spawner and only aim at player or fly by as normal (stopping weird asteroid targetting colony ship behaviour)

- Alliance Primary Weapon is a static cockpit mounted weapon "mesh pending" and will look similar to alliance visuals, its fairely slow and weak but strong enough to get you started in the world - it will be a cool little story point i think - a little bop gif attaching the first weapon to the alliance for its flagship voyage maybe!

- Enemy Health was never actually setting to max from the health setting, so now enemies are actualy using that which is good! Eh! :smile: sigh! my bad!

- Weapon Types have been defined a little better, Phase is pewpew automatic, burst weapons are the only ones that do burst shots, Bruno felt that shotgun charging was bad and removed it for use on other weapons, in future, maybe lasers only and rockets?
- Module Spawning is now rarer with 6000 chances (from 2000) to spawn nothing. Ive still been getting one within the first minute or so. There is no longer a "module helper" and modules will never spawn randomly anymore to help the player as they have a primary weapon that is infinite ammo!

- New Meshes for shotguns, lasers and others to help differentiate between them

- Commander names are now accompanied by the weapon type to help understand the weapon usecase/type

- Enemy Visibility increased thanks to new glowing red lights

- Module visibility increased thanks to the new containment crate

- Enemy Pathing Edited to stop them circling so close to you and allow you to shoot them up proper good like.

Apparently Itch loves smileys!