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Heritage is another fundamental aspect of the setting, so it is included here as well.

The 'default' is mortal heritage, but immortal bloodlines that were once hidden have begun to appear more frequently since witches made their existence known.

Additional Heritage options include:

  • Asterian - Horns and tufts of fur, especially around the neck.
  • Gorgon - Thick strands of hair, sometimes with a mind of its own, a withering gaze, forked tongue, other snake-like traits.
  • Squatch - Very tall and often extremely furry
  • Nereid - Often androgynous, blue tinted skin, gills.
  • Hydra - Reptilian or even bird-like traits, quite varied.
  • Satyr - Shorter than average, hooves and furry legs, sometimes horns or antlers.
  •  Mandrake - Any number of plant or fungi-like traits, the most varied heritage.