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Jake ruins this game 


I am curious as to why you think that.  So far I find him an interesting character.

just think of him as a potential mid level boss or just another person to kill

Could be a sidekick / redemption arc.

good idea we can do a jujutsu kaisen and kill him when he goes good

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Jake seems extremely impressionable-  a lot of how it turns out will come down to what the creator decides to do with his character over time and who is influencing him in game.   We haven't really seen him internally resist Ella at all- he just kinda crumbles when faced with power- It should be interesting to see how he develops. My hope is he remains in the plot somehow-  a story where you kill all your characters doesn't expand as fast as one that leaves them alive.  On the other hand if he starts using his powers too rapely he is gonna be in hot water in my play-through at least.


yeah then dev could even make several different versions of his pat / evil good and such