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Star Wars TCG had a great engine. The cards in your deck were credits to play cards from. Once cards got out of the game, your credits became more rare. This created a lor of diversion in gameplay. Something that I miss the current TCG field creation. Everybody looks at what another does. Some diversion might be welcome. And might be good for sales. In the 80'ies, we had Magic TG coming up and is still around. At that time, Star Wars TCG did extremely well.  But due to license agreements, it faded out. 

Do you have a Discord? 

Or how we can connect. I can add your hero+cards. Or I can add you to testing branch.

I use Skype, but if it comes in handy, I could install Discord if you recommand me to. I'll wait for your reply. If you have skype, you can find me under my mail address;

Added. I`m mr.Badim on skype.

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discord - Badim#0905