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Very nicely done with the illustrations. I loved the art style. It really gave it a unique experience and created an atmosphere of actually being in a place during sunset. Admittedly, I went the wrong direction at first, followed the train tracks for a bit and didn't see anything but quickly turned around to find a lovely park , flamingos, dragonflies that zipped away as you approached them, someone sitting on a hill sketching their surroundings....again, all beautifully drawn. After exploring the surtroundings, I went back to the train station, and followed the tracks until the sun began to set. I was then warped back to my former position as the lighting in the park turned to evening.

I know I've said this three times now but it really is beautifully done, for the purpose of taking your audience to an atmosphere and creating a space for them to explore through the artists perspective. Thumbs up and have a lovely day :)