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Thank you so much for your kind words + extra words Sebastian! It really means alot to us. For me and Lasse it was our first game jam and none of us knew eachother from the beginning. It was an amazing journey and I am so glad it happened. It was really intense work so much fun to do. We all seemed to have a unspoken sense of the direction the game was taken from the beginning. Kristian was an amazingly skilled unity builder. Lasse did 3d modelling and drawings and I did drawings and sound. We used a plugin called doodle 95. When we presented the game in the 2 minutes on stage everything went wrong and the sound didnt work. HDMI insanity...  Even though Game jam was pure magic... I will be there next year!  Keep up the good work!!  All the best Claus/ For meget drøm

Wow, thank you for your kind reply, Claus! <3 I'm always amazed what first-time-participants can create in game jams, and I must say that your work with Kristian was something really special and beautiful. :) It's too bad that your presentation didn't work out this time, but hell, that shouldn't disappoint you or even take your enthusiasm away to participate again! That was a great jam game and I hope that more people will give it a try. <3

All the best to you too! :)