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Hey Sebastian,

thanks for enduring Pogo Postman :D
And thanks for the recommendation as well!

Making it was almost as much fun as watching other people play it. We agree with your opinion that the letters should be moderated. There's a lot of filthy stuff in there. But we didn't have the resouces do pull that off. So we decided to take a hands off approach. A few of those letters are really deep and thouching, though.

So, happy gaming and curating! You do awsome work!

Your Carrots


Dear Carrots,

you're always welcome. <3 Glad you liked the recommendation! And sure, I can understand why you don't have the resources to moderate a jam game, that's fairly common and understandable. :) As you already said, some of the letters are quite the opposite: Touching and lovely. <3 So be proud of your work! :)

Best wishes,