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I'm still in love with the spoken bits and your voice in here. <3 Somehow it's calming, melancholic and beautiful at the same time. You managed to speak to me not just as a player or even as the person I am, but also immersed me in a weird way - I kind of felt like this letters were really forme for a second. That was purely amazing, and I'm very happy that you offered this experience on here! <3 Happily I recommended your game in a little article on our blog and also uploaded a gameplay video of it. Keep up the wonderful work!

Best wishes,

aw, thank you so much!! just a quick correction though, i'm no longer going by ada rook - i'm just rook. <3 thank you again!

(if you could edit that in the article and video description that'd be great, but it's not super urgent. thanks!!)

Don't worry, I'll immediately do that! :)