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I loved it so much. Not just because of the Cyberpunk aesthetics, that came up via the color palette,  the pixel art itself and the wonderful soundtrack, but also because of the relaxing gameplay in combination with an intriguing 'short story'. Here I'm asking myself again in the aftermath, if you already know that you'd mix that bit into "The Red Strings Club"... I remember playing it in the middle of a night and I felt so wonderfully 'careless' afterwards. It's a bit like this Ludum Dare 35 entry cleared my soul for a second, and that was a stunning experience. That's why I didn't just write an article about it as well as upload a gameplay video, but also included it in our GOTY 2016 list. <3 Thanks again, Deconstructeam - you are always a shining light in the masses of jam entries. :) And congratulations to the 24th place as well!

Best wishes,